Zombie Plague

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When you are invaded by an overwhelming number of zombies there are a few tricks you can try to survive: the first one is to keep your calm, and another one is to constantly improve your abilities and your arsenal. In Zombie Plague you can practice both of these concepts as you fight for your life against the zombie horde. And don't let the cute, stylized graphics fool you, the zombies here are ruthless and they only care about eating your brain.

To escape such a gruesome fate and keep your brain where it belongs, safely stuck in your head, you take control of a powerful turret, that you can improve with various upgrades, that become available after each time you successfully manage to survive a wave fierce attacks. You can improve the damage that you inflict, the rate of fire of your gun, the ammo capacity, as well as the accuracy of your shots. To select an improvement, you need coins, and you collect these from the zombies that you manage to eliminate. But because Zombie Plague wants to keep things challenging, you have to shoot the coins in order to collect them. And if you shoot to gather coins you can waste precious time, which the zombies will take advantage of and advance towards your location. After a few levels, when the attacks become more and more brutal, choosing between when to collect coins to improve your weaponry and actually shooting and defending yourself will become decisive to your survival. Add to this the fact that different, more dangerous types of zombies show up the more you play, and you can definitely say that Zombie Plague is a game where every decision counts.

Survive the zombie apocalypse when you play Zombie Plague on Stickgames.com.

How to play

If you are using a computer you can use the left mouse button to click on the ground to select where you want the turret to shoot. If you are on a mobile device you can tap on the screen to control the shooting angle of the turret.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices