Funny Blade & Magic

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Step into the shoes of a goblin hero who finds himself betrayed by his own uncle, stripped of his rightful legacy when you play Funny Blade & Magic on Funny Blade & Magic unfolds as a gripping narrative, weaving a tale of betrayal, resilience, and the quest for redemption. Engage in intense close combat, armed with a diverse arsenal of weapons ranging from swords and axes to mighty hammers. As you navigate the challenges that lie ahead, immerse yourself in a world where the power of magic becomes your ally, enabling you to wield spells such as time dilation and teleportation. Feel the adrenaline rush as you engage in epic battles against a myriad of unique bosses and enemies, each possessing a distinct set of abilities and tactics. Funny Blade & Magic unfolds as a dynamic battlefield, challenging your strategic thinking and combat skills. Adapt to the varied strengths and weaknesses of your foes, honing your abilities to overcome each formidable adversary in your path. The thrill of facing off against diverse opponents adds a layer of excitement to the gameplay, ensuring that every encounter is a test of your prowess as a goblin hero.

In the midst of the action, experience the immersive storytelling through exciting cutscenes that bring the unique universe of Funny Blade & Magic to life. These cinematic interludes provide a deeper understanding of the characters, plot twists, and the unfolding drama surrounding your goblin hero's quest for justice. The captivating narrative, coupled with the visual spectacle of the cutscenes, serves to draw players further into the rich and immersive world of the game, creating an emotional connection with the protagonist's journey. Engage in close combat with a sense of empowerment, wielding not only traditional weapons but also the awe-inspiring capabilities of magic. The inclusion of spells such as time dilation and teleportation adds a strategic layer to the gameplay, allowing players to tailor their approach to different situations. Mastering the art of magic becomes pivotal in your quest for redemption, providing you with a dynamic set of tools to navigate challenges and confront the treacherous foes that stand in your way.

Prepare for a fun gaming experience that seamlessly blends narrative depth, thrilling combat, and magical prowess. As you embody the betrayed goblin hero, each battle becomes a stepping stone towards reclaiming your legacy and confronting the uncle who orchestrated your downfall. With a rich assortment of weapons, magical abilities, and captivating cutscenes, Funny Blade & Magic promises an immersive adventure that will keep players enthralled from start to finish on

How to play

Use WASD to move around, press the C key to dash, Space to jump, left mouse button to attack, right mouse button to throw your axe, and the F key to use a magical ability. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap on the on-screen buttons.

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