Raft Life

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Create your very own island oasis atop a drifting raft on Stickgames.com, and showcase your exceptional crafting and survival prowess in Raft Life. The challenges are abundant, and your survival on the raft depends on a myriad of skills. From wielding your axe to chop down towering trees, expanding and refining different sections of your raft, to honing your fishing abilities, and even attempting to cultivate a sustainable source of fruits and vegetables, the tasks are as diverse as the open sea itself. Welcome to a world where every decision you make contributes to your survival story, and the stage is set for your craft and resilience to shine.

As you navigate the tumultuous waters, each action plays a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of your raft-bound haven. The rhythmic sound of your axe against the sturdy trunks of trees echoes the importance of resource gathering, laying the foundation for your floating sanctuary. Building new sections of the raft becomes an art form as you strategically expand your haven, creating a harmonious balance between necessity and aesthetics in this ever-evolving survival scenario. The bounties of the ocean become your lifeline in Raft Life as you cast your net wide, reeling in fish to sustain yourself in this floating world. But the challenges don't stop there; a touch of agriculture adds a layer of self-sufficiency as you attempt to plant and nurture fruits and vegetables, turning your raft into a miniature ecosystem. However, the treacherous waters hold a lurking danger, and that is the ominous presence of sharks. Be ever vigilant, for these predators can disrupt your tranquil existence and add an element of suspense to your survival saga.

Your crafted island on the raft is a testament to your ingenuity, a floating haven that reflects the culmination of your survival skills in Raft Life. It's not just about overcoming the obstacles thrown your way; it's about flourishing amidst the challenges of the open sea. As you immerse yourself in this dynamic and ever-changing environment, the crafting and survival skills you exhibit will determine not only your immediate fate but also the legacy of your raft-bound paradise. So, dive into this thrilling world on Stickgames.com, sculpt your island retreat, and let your survival skills shine amidst the vast expanse of the raft.

How to play

Use the WASD keys to move around and press the left mouse button to interact with the environment. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap on the screen instead.

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