Path Painter

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Play with paint in this original puzzle game on and fill the blocks from the screen in the colors that is shown in the image top right corner, when you play Path Painter. Instead of an easel and a paint brush, in Path Painter you will paint by using blocks that splash in the direction of the arrows that is placed on them. Just like any other painting process, you have to take care of the order you choose to place the colors in, because the last color that you choose to add on the board will be the color that replaces whatever was before it. But, unlike real painting, in Path Painter you don't have to think about how you can make up different colors by combining them, you just have to be careful how you choose to place them.

Each level has a specific design that you have to create by placing different colors on the board. By placing down blocks of different colors, these will either form straight lines in the directions of the arrows drawn on them or, if they have only one arrow on them, they just shoot out in the direction of that arrow. If you see on the screen blocks that have a single blank arrow on them, that means that you can redirect the color of the blocks in that direction. When these are added to Path Painter, that's when the challenge slowly begins to ramp up.

The graphics of Path Painter suit it very well, and the bright colors are quite soothing and you can clearly tell which colors should go where. The main focus is clarity, and the overall effect is quite relaxing, making Path Painter another great experience on for when you just want to rest for a bit, without having to think too much about different game elements.

Paint with blocks and create pathways of color when you play Path Painter on

How to play

If you are playing from a computer, use the left mouse button to click on the blocks to select them and, while holding down the left mouse button, move it to an empty block and release the button to place the block in that position. If you are using a mobile device to play, tap the screen and hold the finger down, instead of using the mouse.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices