Box Run

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Put your thinking skills to the test and learn the intricate layer of the levels when you play Box Run on In this fun puzzle game, you have to find the path to the end of the level, by carefully manipulating the levers and buttons scattered throughout, and moving from one platform to the other. These platforms can basically be considered islands, and you have to bridge the gaps in creative ways, all while making sure you don't fall in the abyss below. To make matters more interesting, the way you move around is pretty restricted, as you can only roll on your sides. This really makes you think a lot about how to move, especially because in order to finish the level you have to fall through a small gap.

Throughout the levels, more and more mechanics and challenges are introduced to you, and you have to quickly adapt to the shifting environment and rules. This ensures that the game keeps you thinking for as long as the adventure in Box Run lasts. While there may be situations when you really will be scratching your head and it will take some time to find the solution, the satisfaction you get when you eventually do find the solution will usually be worth it. Like in most things, persistence is key, and in Box Run you get to train this important muscle.

Solve the environmental puzzles when you play Box Run on

How to play

Swipe the screen by using the left mouse button to move the box, or press on the on screen arrows. If you are playing from a mobile device, you can also tap these buttons to move around.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices