We Become What We Behold

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In We Become What We Behold, tranquility is simply mundane, affection somewhat bothersome, and the chirping of crickets mere background noise. What truly ignites the human spirit? Could it be anger and animosity? Perhaps. This unique game offers an intimate exploration of society and its intricate relationship with the media. As you capture pivotal moments that resonate with the populace, you bear witness to the evolving narratives of the denizens, each with their own compelling stories to tell. All this unfolds amidst a backdrop of captivating artwork and immersive soundscapes, ensuring an engaging and thought-provoking experience that will resonate with players on a profound level.

We Become What We Behold is not merely a game; it is a reflection of our world, expertly crafted to provoke contemplation and stimulate conversation. It invites players to delve into the complexities of human behavior, media influence, and the consequences of our choices. With its elegant design and emotionally resonant storytelling, We Become What We Behold offers a fresh perspective on our society's dynamics, challenging players to consider the impact of their actions in a world where perception shapes reality.

Embark on this captivating journey on Stickgames.com, where the line between observer and participant blurs, and where the choices you make hold the power to shape the destinies of the characters within. We Become What We Behold invites you on Stickgames.com to embrace the chaos, confront the consequences, and ultimately, discover the profound truths hidden beneath the surface of our interconnected world.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to take a photograph of a particular place. Tap on the screen if you want to take a photograph if you are using a mobile device. Move the camera angle by moving the mouse, or move the location automatically when you tap on the screen.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices