Rope Bawling 2

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Have you ever tried to play bowling with a rope? This sequel to the now famous Rope Bawling is bringing in even more levels for you to test your bowling skills. The goal is the same as always, you need to cut the rope holding the bowling ball and then guide it in such a way so it will knock all the pins. This is harder than expected, and Rope Bawling 2 adds in even more, new ways for you to test your skills.

If you thought that the levels of Rope Bawling weren't enough, then has got just what have you been asking for: Rope Bawling 2, the continuation of the popular and fun puzzle game, which brings you the classic rules that you already know and love, while also adding some new elements to the mix, that add new levels of fun to the game. The premise stays the same, and you still have to knock over the bowling pins that are placed on various platforms on the level, but you knock them over by using a rope, the power of gravity (which you can even enable and disable to solve the puzzles), and some creative thinking.

This time around, there are new obstacles, and you can even control gravity. This adds an entirely new layer to the game, and it offers you an amazing range of ideas to explore and try out. If you are passionate about bowling, you will find Rope Bawling 2 to be a lot of fun and also very creative and fun.

Every level is different to the previous one, and they up the ante when it comes to difficulty. Which is what makes Rope Bawling 2 such an immersive and engaging game, it’s incredibly fun and one of the top games to test your bowling skills at. You can play Rope Bawling 2 right now on

How to play

Use the left mouse button to cut the rope and interact with the buttons if you are using a PC, or tap or swipe the screen if you are using a mobile device.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices