Fish Stab Getting Big

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Dive into an oceanic battleground where aquatic warfare takes center stage in Fish Stab Getting Big on, where fish wield knives in their mouths, engaging in a fierce struggle for supremacy by attempting to eliminate each other. In this thrilling underwater spectacle, your mission is clear: eliminate as many opposing fishes as possible and strive to evolve your own fish into the largest and mightiest creature in the ocean. Each successful takedown not only earns you a score but also contributes to the growth of your fish and its razor-sharp arsenal. Your journey unfolds in a dynamic environment where survival is contingent upon skillful combat and strategic eliminations. The oceanic arena transforms into a fierce battleground, with every confrontation intensifying the struggle for dominance. As you accumulate kills, your score serves as a testament to your prowess, dictating the size and strength of your fish. Witness the evolution of your underwater warrior as it grows in tandem with your achievements.

Embark on this high-stakes adventure solo or enlist the company of a friend in the 1 Player or 2 Player game modes. The multiplayer option adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing you and a friend to join forces or engage in a friendly competition to determine who can amass the most significant aquatic arsenal. Choose your preferred game mode, select your fish, and brace yourself as the ocean transforms into an action-packed arena teeming with razor-toothed combatants. As the action begins to unfold in Fish Stab Getting Big, the oceanic battleground becomes a canvas for your strategic prowess. Pick your fish wisely, considering the unique strengths and attributes each species brings to the fray. The underwater world is filled with dynamic challenges and opportunities for growth, creating an engaging experience where every decision impacts the trajectory of your fish's journey towards dominance.

In this underwater saga, the stakes are high, the competition is fierce, and the ocean is alive with the echoes of combat. Choose your mode, select your combatant, and let the battle for oceanic supremacy commence. Will your fish emerge as the apex predator, or will it succumb to the razor-edged challenges of the underwater realm? It's time to find out as the thrilling action unfolds beneath the waves in Fish Stab Getting Big on

How to play

Use the WASD and the C key to activate the boost ability for your fish, and if two players are competing, the second player will use the arrow keys and the L key to boost.

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This game can be played only on PC