Epic Blast

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If you love Greek mythology then you have certainly heard of Zeus, the king of the Gods of the Greek pantheon. As ruler of Mounty Olympus, his powers were great and his mighty lightning powers were things of legend. One bolt thrown from his hands could obliterate everything. In Epic Blast you get to play a fun match 3 game, set in Greek mythology. The setting does not only mean that you will encounter items that are familiar to this environment, and even though you'll get to see all sorts of fancy goblets and Spartan helmets, that is not what sets Epic Blast apart from other such games from this popular genre. What makes Epic Blast stand apart are the lightning powers that can appear on the screen, which can definitely help you clear it much faster. You could say that Zeus is helping you win the levels.

Of course, the rules of other match 3 games are present in Epic Blast as well, and you still have to form a straight line of three or more of these items in order to clear them from the board. But, the rules also chance a bit when you have the almighty Zeus helping you out. So, if you manage to match four items, a lightning bolt will appear on that line and eliminate all of the items on it, and if you manage to clear five or more items, lightning will strike across the board and destroy every element that you matched. Besides getting lightning bonuses on matches, Zeus has planted lightning bolts on the board, and you can use these to quickly clear any rows or columns that you want. But be careful, because this action greatly changes the configuration of the board, so always take this into account.

Play a fun match 3 game on Stickgames.com, in a unique and fantastical setting, and enjoy Epic Blast.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to select an element from the board and, while holding down this button, drag it either up, down, to the left or right, and release it to place that element in its new place. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap the screen instead of the mouse, and release it to relocate that element.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices