Sliding Slide

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If you enjoy puzzle games, then Sliding Slide is sure to provide you with a challenging and fun experience. In this sliding puzzle game, you are tasked with rearranging the pieces of the puzzle to create the unscrambled version of a certain landscape. Like the title suggest, in Sliding Slide you have to slide the pieces around on the board. This means that you can't just pick whatever part you want and place it on the board. You have to carefully rearrange the board each time you want to make a move. This increases the challenge, because even though you might figure out the solution in Sliding Slide, getting to that solution might not be so trivial.

Sliding Slide has a multitude of levels you can train your memory and logic skills, and not only that, you can select between three levels of difficulty for each puzzle you want to solve. The difference between these difficulties is given by the number of pieces you have to slide around. Of course, having more sliding puzzle pieces increases the challenge considerably. At the same time, it also might increase the satisfaction of each level you solve. Of course, you don't have to start with solving a hard puzzle, you can work your way up to this difficulty.

Enjoy a fun game that will test your patience and organizational skills on and try out Sliding Slide.

How to play

Click with the left mouse button or tap on the screen (if you are using a mobile device), to slide the puzzle pieces around.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices