Battleships Pirates

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Play a classic board game on, where a bit of luck and strategy will make sure you are the first one to sink the opponent's ships, before they destroy your fleet. Battleships Pirates is a game based on the popular board game, Battleship. In this game you have a fleet of ships at your disposal, each with their own sizes, and you have to place them on the board. You have to be creative with how you arrange your formation, because having a good placement of your ships is half the battle in Battleships Pirates. The more surprising your placements are, the greater the chance of confusing your opponent is, which will take you one step closer to the much-coveted victory.

After you are pleased with your battle formation, the other half of Battleships Pirates begins. In this part you have to attack your opponent, but what makes the board game so unique is the fact that you don't see the enemy's fleet. At first, you have to take shots completely at random, with only the hope of hitting something. When you do manage to land a successful strike, that's when the fun truly begins. Like your own ships, each one of the enemy's vessels has unique sizes, and you have to hit the entirety of a ship to sink it completely. Once you know its position, you have to quickly ascertain how its rotation, as well as its type.

One thing that separates Battleships Pirates from the beloved board game it took its inspiration from is the fact that this game has an interesting story and characters and multiple levels, so the game really feels like a journey on the sea, along with your trusty crew, to which you might get attached to on your mission to become the best captain the seas have ever known. Add that interesting transitions when important events happen during a mission, and you can say that Battleships Pirates has a unique style. Another addition to the classic experience you already know and love, is that you can also equip your units with interesting abilities, that can vastly change the outcome of a level.

Go on a sea adventure when you play Battleships Pirates on and lead your crew to victory!

How to play

To interact with the elements of the game you can either use the left mouse button, if you are using a PC, or by tapping on the screen, if you are playing on a mobile device.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices