Basket Battle

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If you enjoy basketball, then you know all too well the thrill of watching the ball slowly approaching its target and anxiously looking forward to the outcome. In Basket Battle the goal is to put the ball through the basket in some intense slow-motion action. After a short tutorial where you learn how the game is played, you are thrown into a duel against another player. Both of you have to fight to get the ball into the basket, but unlike the real basketball that you might already be familiar with, in Basket Battle both players have their own balls, and both of you have to score points. But two different balls and only one target means that you have to make sure that your opponent's ball doesn't get through the basket, while yours does. This can be achieved either by blocking your opponent with your own ball, or by being much faster than they are. Whichever way you choose to score points, what ensues is an intense acrobatic battle between two players.

The controls of Basket Battle are easy to learn, and the slow motion that is applied whenever you are preparing to shoot the ball help with aiming, but don't think that this makes the game easy. Once the duel begins, you see yourself constantly jumping around the field and trying to outmaneuver your opponent, and constantly putting into balance if you should try and score or try to defend against the other player's shots.

Play a fun basketball game with a unique twist on when you try Basket Battle.

How to play

If you are playing on a PC you have to press the left mouse button to begin aiming the shot and release in the direction you are pointing towards to release the ball. If you are using a mobile device, tap on the screen and release your finger to shoot.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices