3D Bowling

3D Bowling promises you an exciting experience, full of fun and joy, that tests your skills and abilities. Visit Stickgames.com whenever you want to enjoy unique games, full of surprises, that you won't soon forget. Select one from our sports category and find out what's in store for you next!

Step onto the bowling alley on Stickgames.com and get ready to experience a fun bowling extravaganza with 3D Bowling! This fun 3D sports game offers you a platform to hone your bowling skills and aim for that elusive strike. Whether you prefer solo play, competing against a friend on the same device, or going head-to-head with the computer in one of three challenging difficulty modes, this game has something for everyone. Will you emerge as the undisputed champion of the bowling alley? In 3D Bowling, the controls are incredibly intuitive, making it easy for players of all skill levels to enjoy the game. Simply throw the ball with a swipe, and for those looking to add a touch of finesse, master the art of spin by swiping strategically. Your objective is crystal clear, and that is to knock down all the pins and aim for those exhilarating strikes that will have you cheering for more.

The game's stunning 3D graphics immerse you in the world of bowling. The meticulously designed alleys, pins, and surroundings create a realistic and captivating atmosphere that enhances your gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of bowling, you'll appreciate the attention to detail and visual appeal that 3D Bowling has to offer. Challenge your friends or compete against the computer in a variety of game modes that cater to your skill level. With three difficulty settings, you can gradually sharpen your skills or jump straight into a competitive showdown. Each mode offers a unique gaming experience, ensuring that the thrill of knocking down those pins remains fun.

So, get ready to lace up your virtual bowling shoes, step onto the lane, and aim for a perfect score on Stickgames.com. 3D Bowling offers tons of exciting gameplay, whether you're in it for solo practice, friendly competition, or a battle against the computer. Get your bowling fix with this fun 3D sports game on Stickgames.com and strive for that elusive strike every time you play.

How to play

Press the left mouse button to begin to aim, move the mouse to angle your shots, and release the button to shoot. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap on the screen in the direction you would like to shoot.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices