The Impossible Quiz 2

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Solve another series of fun and unexpected puzzles when you play the sequel to a unique quiz game, The Impossible Quiz 2. In the continuation to the original, which you can also play on, your task is once again to prime your brain for a round of questions that will make you doubt each answer you consider. In The Impossible Quiz 2, just like in its predecessor, the key to solving the quiz is to think outside the box and to think twice before you select an answer. What may seem obvious at first glance most probably is a trick question. And with a limited number of tries to go through the quiz in one go, you have to carefully consider each option.

The unpredictable nature of The Impossible Quiz 2 is something that it has inherited from the first game, so if you have some experience playing the first game, you might already be familiar to some of the tricks the game employs. But this is just a slight advantage, because The Impossible Quiz 2 takes care to bring you new and unique challenges. Of course, after you find out what the answer is, you'll wonder how come you didn't figure it out sooner, but part of the fun is adapting to the unique set of rules that The Impossible Quiz 2 brings to you. One thing's for sure, and that is that only if you consider each answer carefully will you be able to progress and see what prize awaits you after you finish The Impossible Quiz 2.

Find the answer to another set of interesting challenges when you play The Impossible Quiz 2 on

How to play

Like in the first game, use the left mouse button to select the answer and interact with the game. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap the screen instead.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices