Henry Stickmin Fleeing The Complex

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While the majority of the games from the classic Henry Stickmin series see you trying to either steal something or break into a building, in Henry Stickmin Fleeing The Complex you have to escape a top secret facility. And what really makes Henry Stickmin Fleeing The Complex stand out from the rest of the series is the fact that you have the ability to guide two characters instead of one, in a variety of unique and outlandish scenarios. As you probably might have guessed, this adds a whole new level of complexity and possibility to the already unconventional scenarios you might have encountered in the previous entries of this series.

Of course, seeing as how guiding two characters is completely unique to this game in this series, this adds way more unpredictability to the potential events that unfold, and if you thought that you never knew what to expect from the action from the previous entries, prepare for even more surprises when you try Henry Stickmin Fleeing The Complex. The two characters interact in funny and interesting ways, and even if you might not escape the first few times you try, the journey to get out is always fun, with various astonishing options for you to choose from. And for each decision you make you have to think how it can impact both of the characters.

As you try to escape, you will try lots of different options, each one bringing with it its own set of events, and taking you down a path that you really can't imagine the outcome of. In the style of the previous game of the series, Henry Stickmin Fleeing The Complex plays like a sort of interactive movie, and in certain places you get to select in which direction you would like the action to go. You can try to attack guards, sneak past behind them, use your wits or violence, and anything in between.

Try and escape the facility when you play Henry Stickmin Fleeing The Complex on Stickgames.com and have fun!

How to play

To interact and select options you have to use the left mouse button. If you are playing on a mobile device, tap the screen over the option you would like to try.

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This game can be played only on PC