Crowd Lumberjack

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Go on a resource gathering and construction adventure in this entertaining idle tycoon game where chopping trees and building houses on secluded islands take center stage in Crowd Lumberjack, on Armed with your trusty axe, set forth to explore a vast world teeming with opportunities. Expand your horizons by adding skilled lumberjacks to your ever-growing team, enhancing the construction of awe-inspiring structures. Join the bustling crowd as you race through the landscape, fervently chopping down this very precious resource of wood to amass it in larger quantities. As you venture through this expansive world, the thrill of exploration unfolds before you. The vastness of the environment allows for the creation of beautiful cities and the discovery of new, uncharted islands. The synergy between the act of chopping and the subsequent construction of buildings adds a dynamic layer to the gameplay. Manage your team strategically to maximize efficiency, ensuring that your efforts result in the creation of architectural marvels that define the landscape.

In this immersive idle tycoon experience, the objective is clear: find wood and build. The synergy between the crowd and the ever-expanding team of lumberjacks keeps Crowd Lumberjack dynamic and engaging. The rhythmic sound of axes echoing through the virtual world resonates with the satisfaction of progress. Each swing brings you closer to your goal of building not just houses, but entire cities that stand as a testament to your managerial prowess. The gameplay unfolds as a seamless cycle of exploration, resource gathering, and construction. The beauty lies not just in the individual acts of chopping and building, but in the harmonious orchestration of these elements. The thrill of uncovering new islands and the joy of watching your cities flourish create a rewarding gaming experience that keeps players immersed in the world of possibilities.

So, grab your axe, assemble your team, and get ready for the dual challenge of chopping and building in this lively idle tycoon game on It's a test of strategic thinking, and a celebration of creativity as you shape the landscape, one tree at a time. Explore, gather, and construct your way to success in this exciting adventure on, when you play Crowd Lumberjack.

How to play

Use the WASD to control your army of lumberjacks, or press the left mouse button and move it around to steer your characters on the screen. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap on the screen and move your finger to control their direction.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices