Angry Heroes

Angry Heroes promises you an exciting experience, full of fun and joy, that tests your skills and abilities. Visit whenever you want to enjoy unique games, full of surprises, that you won't soon forget. Select one from our skill category and find out what's in store for you next!

Play a classic experience when you try Angry Heroes, a game that should be familiar to anyone who enjoys throwing their units towards the enemy forces. If you like games where your reflexes aren't tested and the key to victory is having great aim, then has just what you need in Angry Heroes. As you would expect, each level provides you with a unique set of challenges, which come from varied enemy placements, who are protected by interesting structures, but also due to the fact that you have to finish each level with the units that are assigned to you.

To break through the enemy's defenses you have a huge slingshot, that flings your units away at immense speeds, and each one of these units possesses distinct characteristics. Some can gain high speeds after you activate their special power, others can explode on impact, while others have others interesting powers that you can discover. What's more, some levels really lean into the puzzle aspect of the experience, and you have to cleverly use the environment to your advantage, to dispose of those pesky enemies. For example, in one level you have to destroy a structure that stores heavy boulders, which will roll down to squish every foe that stands in its path. In addition to this, the behavior of your enemies can also change, with some of them moving around the level, which means that you have to plan your shots more carefully.

With its vibrant and lively colors, each level from Angry Heroes stands out, and its stylized look will surely leave an impression. When you combine this with upbeat music and fun gameplay you'll get a great game for you to come back to and play whenever you want a quick dose of fun.

Adjust your aim and shoot your way to victory on when you play Angry Heroes.

How to play

Aim your shots by moving your mouse and by holding down the left mouse button down. Release the button to shoot. On mobile devices you have to tap the screen to aim and release your finger to shoot.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices