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Step into the exciting world of Worms.Zone on Stickgames.com and prove your prowess as the mightiest worm on the battlefields of Stickgames.com! Engage in a thrilling multiplayer showdown within a sprawling arena, where your objective is simple yet captivating: devour as much food as you can to attain colossal size. With each bite, you grow stronger, but the competition is fierce, and every morsel devoured propels you toward dominance. In this fun .io game, prepare for a challenge that'll keep you hooked! In Worms.Zone survival is the name of the game. Embrace the unexpected joy of being a worm as you feast to expand your size and strength. Master the art of ensnaring your rivals, transforming their tasty treats into your own sustenance, a strategy essential for claiming the throne of the biggest and baddest worm around.

Harness the power of turbo-speed by skillfully manipulating the left or right mouse button. Use this acceleration judiciously, strategically dashing toward enticing rewards before your competitors. As you evolve and grow, your pace slackens, and turbo-speed exacts a higher toll on your score. Employ it wisely when you've grown substantial, and lavishly when you're still scrappy. Worms.Zone lets you choose your own outfit that embodies the essence of your wriggly character. With progression, indulge your worm in funkier, more vibrant designs. Explore the worm's wardrobe in the main menu and select an outfit that resonates with your unique style, showcasing your journey from humble beginnings to resplendent grandeur. Furthermore, make a choice between three diverse food types, a decision that impacts your strategy and growth trajectory. Accessible at the bottom right corner of the main menu, this feature ensures that every detail of your experience is tailored to your preferences.

Uncover an array of captivating power-ups concealed within potion bottles scattered throughout the battlefield. Encounter six distinctive types of power-ups in Worms.Zone that significantly influence your worm's performance, from items that amplify the radius from which you can capture food, to ones that greatly increase the power of the items you eat, making your growth much faster, and even items that can increase your speed by a great amount, there are lots of strategic choices to be made whenever you choose where you will go next. As you traverse the captivating world of Worms.Zone, these power-ups will become your trusted allies, elevating your experience and enhancing your worm's potential. Amidst your journey, don't forget to gather coins, a valuable addition to your treasury.

Worms.Zone offers an electrifying amalgamation of competition, strategy, and customization, bound to leave you engrossed in a pursuit for worm dominance. Embrace the challenge on Stickgames.com, adapt your tactics, and immerse yourself in a vibrant world where being the biggest worm isn't just a title – it's a testament to your skill and determination!

How to play

The worm moves automatically, and you have to move the mouse to angle the direction. Use the left or right mouse button to activate your boost. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap on the screen to choose the direction.

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