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Survive in the fantastical lands of Taming.io, gather resources, make friends with powerful allies and build a strong village that will survive the dangers that lurk the land, when you play on Stickgames.com.

In order to thrive in Taming.io you must first stock up on valuable resources, by hitting trees, bushes and rocks. Once you obtain enough of these, you can begin to build various buildings. Of course, wandering through the world of Taming.io to collect these vital stocks can prove to be quite the challenge, so always be on the lookout for other animals, players or bosses, who are always looking to gather all your hard-earned resources. While there are animals and bosses that roam the lands, the most dangerous foe you have to look out for is certainly other players, who can prove to be the most cunning and deadly of all.

Luckily, you can improve your fighting chances if you gain enough experience, that will level up your character. To do this, you must choose your battles wisely, and only fight the enemies that you know you can defeat. And in addition to this, you can also get help from various pets, which can grow in power as well, through the same means that you can. And you will soon see that you must rely on this extra help from these cute critters, because the more you play, the tougher Taming.io gets, because the enemies and players also get stronger. So it's vital you learn the unique strengths and skills of each one of your pets if you want to have any hope of surviving for as long as possible. Especially if you want to tackle the bosses, which are particularly formidable foes, which only the most perseverant of players can hope to vanquish. But the rewards for defeating these types of enemies are worth the risk, for they give out massive amounts of experience, gold, and they can even give you special pets that you can tame, that are freed once you defeat these mighty combatants.

One of the things that is immediately apparent when you start Taming.io are the beautiful stylized graphics, which transport you to this fantastical kingdom. But don't get fooled by these graphics, because the world in Taming.io is ruthless, and only the most determined players can survive. And to complement the cute graphics, the sounds are also very relaxing and soothing, which also lend a lot to the charming atmosphere that Taming.io has.

Step into the magical lands of Taming.io when you play on Stickgames.com and have fun!

How to play

Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move around, and change the angle your character is facing by pointing the mouse in the desired direction. Attack by pressing the left mouse button, and use the left mouse button to interact with the various elements of the game.

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This game can be played only on PC