Stickman Armed Assassin: Cold Space

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Explore the unforgiving environment of outer space and eliminate all the foes that are on the space station in Stickman Armed Assassin: Cold Space, a game where your aim assures that you will survive another room. The intense action of Stickman Armed Assassin: Cold Space strikes a fine balance between attack and defense, and you always have to carefully think about how you want to proceed in order to survive the numerous ruthless enemies that want to eliminate you.

Luckily you have a huge arsenal at your disposal that can really give you an advantage over your foes. From machine guns to shotguns and other more exotic weapons, you are sure to find something that you like and that fits your play style best. And you're gonna need as much firepower as you can, because there is a healthy dose of enemies, and they all want to stop you from advancing.

Become a master of mayhem on and win all the levels from Stickman Armed Assassin: Cold Space.

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  • Use your left mouse button or tap the screen if you are using a smartphone.

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