Protect My Dog 3

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In Protect My Dog 3 you must safeguard an adorable canine companion from relentless bee attacks. To achieve this, you must skillfully craft defensive drawing lines across various levels, strategically shielding the dog from not only swarms of bees but also from hazardous elements like lava, thorns, and other environmental threats. In Protect My Dog 3, the challenge escalates across a series of 100 levels, ensuring that the gameplay remains dynamic and progressively more demanding. The evolving difficulty adds a layer of intrigue and strategy, keeping players on their toes as they confront the persistent bee onslaught. Each level presents a unique set of obstacles, requiring players to devise creative and effective defensive strategies to safeguard their furry friend.

The game introduces a captivating blend of puzzle-solving and protective instincts as players navigate through diverse environments. The defensive drawing lines serve as a lifeline for the dog, offering a shield against not only the buzzing bees but also the perils of lava and thorns. As the fight against the bees intensifies, players must adapt and enhance their defensive skills to overcome the evolving challenges presented in each level. With easy to understand controls, you will be creating protective structures in no time.

Protect My Dog 3 promises an immersive and entertaining experience that combines casual gameplay with strategic thinking, on The escalating difficulty ensures that players are in for a rewarding adventure, where the bond between player and virtual dog deepens with each successfully protected level. Dive into the world of challenging puzzles, tackle environmental hazards, and showcase your defensive prowess in this engaging casual game that revolves around the heartwarming mission of shielding man's best friend from the whims of nature, on

How to play

Use the left mouse button to start creating the defensive structure and, with this button held down, move the mouse around the screen to build.

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This game can be played only on PC