Pipe Mania

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Pipe Mania is an exciting, fun and enjoyable puzzle game where you have dozens of different levels to play through. The idea is always the same, you need to connect pipes and guide water towards your destination. While it starts off easily, Pipe Mania becomes increasingly challenging, and you will find yourself testing out your skills as you connect pipes the way you want.

Some of the levels have a multitude of ways you can complete them, which further adds to the gameplay experience and fun that you can have here. With Pipe Mania, no two levels are the same, and every time you get to try out something new and test out your skills. Pipe Mania is a game that makes you think, which brings a lot of happiness and fun moments into the mix.

Every level has its own solution, and the game will constantly bring in new challenges you need to fulfill. It's possible to retry every level as many times as you want. So even if one of the levels is difficult, that won't be a problem, since you will be able to complete it eventually.

Try out your puzzle-solving skills and see how far you can get in Pipe Mania, only on Stickgames.com!

How to play

Select the correct pipe orientation by tapping on it until it points in such a way that the liquid can freely flow from one end to the other

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices