Neon War

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Neon War is a fun game, where you have to survive against the seemingly-endless swarm of enemies, that fall towards your ship. Through a combination of finding the right upgrades that fit your playstyle, as well as your skills, you can gain a high score and survive for as long as possible, against the relentless attacks. The enemies from Neon War have a unique visual style, and they are comprised of various geometric shapes, or a combination of these. Of course, because of the Neon theme, you can expect some bright, incandescent light throughout the stage. Each enemy has a number in its center, and this number represent the number of hits it has to take in order for it to disappear. Also, this number also shows the amount of damage they will do to your ship, if it manages to collide with you. The enemies' movement is somewhat predictable, as they continuously bounce around the stage, but once more of them appear, things can get challenging really fast.

What makes Neon War special is the interesting upgrade mechanic that you can access each time you will restart the game. Throughout a level you gain special points by destroying enemies, points which you can then use to apply all sorts of improvements to your ship. These range from an improved firing rate, to more health or damage, and one even creates another smaller ship that shoots towards your enemies. Once more enemies start to appear, and their strength increases, these upgrades will make the difference between getting more points or having to restart.

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How to play

Press the left mouse button in the area under the ship and hold it pressed in order to move left or right. If you are using a mobile device, tap the screen in the same area to move. The ship shoots automatically once you start moving.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices