Dominoes BIG

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Get your domino tiles and prepare to have fun on with Dominoes BIG, a game where you need luck and strategy if you want to achieve victory. These tiles have an iconic shape, and their rectangular shape houses two squares, that each have a certain number of dots, or none at all. To win the round, you have to get rid of all of the domino tiles that you possess, before the other players. You can place a tile on the table on either of its sides, if it has the same value as the one that is already down. This brings a strategy element to the game of Dominoes BIG, and even though the game shows you all the possible positions you can place a selected tile, you still have to decide where the optimal position would be. You will have to reach a decision after weighing in all your options, and you should take into account the overall configuration of the tiles that are currently on the table, as well as the tiles you have in your possession.

You can play Dominoes BIG either against two or against four opponents controlled by the computer. This way, you can always play a round, whenever you feel like it! You can even choose the number of points a player has to reach in order to win the game. Select between 100, 150 or 250 points, depending on your own unique preferences.

Play a fun board game on, that tests your strategic skills, as well as your overall spatial awareness when you select Dominoes BIG.

How to play

Interact with the elements of the game either by pressing the left mouse button or, if you are playing from a mobile device, by tapping the screen.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices